Don’t click. You might die.
What grades determine:
  • Your ability to memorize mostly useless things
  • Your ability to regurgitate information in the way others want you to
  • Your ability to understand what adults want from you and give it to them
  • Your tolerance for working on tasks you don’t find useful because others want you to do them or believe them to be helpful/socially acceptable

What grades do NOT determine:

  • Your intelligence
  • Your creativity
  • Your emotional capabilities
  • Your likeliness to succeed
  • Whether you’re a good person


Ben: Yat Hong’s death reminded me of one thing. Not everyone who steps out of their house in the morning is certain that they would safely arrive back home at night. Did you know that those who never come back home carrying a lot of regret with them when they leave this world? You have four limbs, you are healthy and you have the freedom to choose whatever you want to do. These conditions can make a person envious for a lifetime.

Isn’t it your aspiration to become a good doctor since you were young? Isn’t it your dream that probably one day you can become a neurosurgery specialist just like your father? You studied for so many years, you worked hard for so long, and just because of a small setback, you’re going to give up your twenty year old dream?

I want you to think about it carefully. Do you really want to admit defeat, evade and comfortably find another random job, or do you want to bravely accept your own failures, face everyone and turn over a new leaf? Then you will tell yourself that although you’ve made mistakes, but you still can become a good doctor. Or maybe because you’ve made mistakes so you can understand better than others on how to become a good doctor.

I have said what I wanted to say. Whether or not you’ll return to the hospital… it’s your call.


我張一健願以你范子妤, 為我合法妻子. 無論富貴貧窮, 快樂悲傷, 健康疾病, 願意一生一世愛你, 守護你, 終生不渝.


結婚誓詞, 如果只是循例唸出來是沒有意義的, 必須實踐出來.

年輕時漂亮健康, 當然愛. 但當對方年紀漸大, 又老又有皺紋, 病痛越來越多, 甚至眼看對方老死, 難道就不愛了嗎?

既然將來不會離棄對方, 現在也應該一樣. 如果因為對方有病就不愛他, 就不是真正的愛.

沒人知道生命的長短, 即使我們是醫生, 也不能保證自己長命百歲. 所以結婚誓詞沒說要保證白頭偕老,…


A break would be nice right now, even though we just came back from one..